Best Belly Band Holster for Female

Comfort Fit Belly Band for Women: My Go To for Concealment with a Slight DIY Modification

What do you feel of when you hear the words belly and band? Perhaps images of training straps or maternity pants waft through your thoughts, but what I’m literally speaking about is handgun concealment. Most on the many people I’m close to that have a concealed carry allow use Kydex or leather holsters when carrying, so when I started seeking out methods to carry that is naturally what I migrated towards. The 3 rigid holsters that I invested in after a while haven’t worked that properly with my wardrobe, so I believed it might be more affordable to help keep interested in the proper holster solution in place of purchasing a bunch of new outfits. Plus, I did not like to greatly modify the fashion of clothing I like to wear.
For a variety of months, I’ve been wearing a Comfort Fit Belly Band by The Properly Armed Female alternatively of the waist band holster and it is essentially turn out to be my go-to concealment possibility. There are several definite pros and cons in the case of sporting a belly band, but I thought it could possibly be handy to share my practical experience for anyone who could possibly be thinking of one particular.

An Epiphany

When I first began wearing a belly band I couldn’t stand the feeling of lugging a thing close to best up towards my entire body. I’ve attempted to cut back the size of my purse plus the volume of things I tote around with me every day, so the idea of tacking on anything else to my each day wardrobe was initially an irritating considered.


I had an fascinating conversation with Rob at the office 1 day that modified my standpoint, on the other hand. I informed him how unpleasant wearing my gun was and that I wasn’t extremely diggin’ it. Rob told me right, “Carrying is supposed for being comforting not comfy, because they say.”

That poignant statement got my awareness. It produced me get a deeper appear at why I originally wanted to carry and I started functioning harder to make concealed carry function for me. I realize myself well adequate to know if an accessory is irritating then I’ll prevent sporting it inevitably. I desired to discover if your belly band concealed carry solution could turn into a preferred, or if I’d be more effective off which has a rigid holster and altering my wardrobe.


When I 1st started seeking online for the place to buy holsters designed for women I stumbled across a Website known as The Effectively Armed Woman. There were a lot of holster opportunities for me to take into consideration and this Website had written descriptions as well as video demonstrations to assist educate me ahead of acquiring. Other Online websites offered belly bands that have been designed for guys or even more unisex functions. Due to the fact I was looking for a smaller size I wished a belly band manufactured solely for women.

I made a decision to consider the Comfort Fit Belly Band. There were two totally different width alternatives, a 4? plus a five? band. I decided to go to the shorter a single considering that my torso is not very prolonged. There have been pockets sewn in to the belly band for my pistol, also as more magazines. From what I saw it looked like one thing that might function nicely for me. The selling price was $40.99 and came in Nude or Black with sizes ranging from Smaller to 2XL. This form of concealment also didn’t need to be produced to fit my gun, which I liked. I carry a Sig P238, but the belly band will accommodate a wide selection of hand guns.

Putting it to Work

Wearing the belly band was absolutely an adjustment. I located out especially quickly that I needed to wear a tank top beneath the belly band in buy for it to feel comfortable. It is made of elastic that irritates my skin as I move about, but provided that I’ve got an undershirt on I’m excellent to go.

The magazine pockets featured over the belly band had been sewn in a place that wasn’t readily available for me. I wear the band to ensure my pistol is either above my appendix region or right centered in my torso (depending on my outfit) which puts the magazine pockets the many way all-around to the back in the band. If I essential to reload I wouldn’t be capable of access my added magazine quickly with no taking the additional time to turn the belly band 180 degrees. Following breaking in the belly band and realizing that I wanted to keep implementing it, I stitched 1 of the double layers of elastic closed that was located correct beside my pistol enabling a lot easier access to my more magazine. If you look on the photo under, I applied green thread in order that you’d be able to see just where I put my stitch line. The pocket that’s supposedly designed for use as being a magazine pocket will serve me more effective by carrying my i.d. or cash given that they sit to date from attain.
Right after sporting my initially belly band (the nude colored band) for any couple of weeks, it started to stretch out. This is not a large deal except that I had ordered the smallest size accessible. I determined to fold over and stitch down one of the areas of the belly band that wasn’t implemented for holding something important. This presented me with a significantly better match and eradicated an alternative problem I’d been possessing.

Pulling the belly band snug about my torso continually left top part of the Velcro closure (the loop side) hanging past the to choose from hook. This would brush my arm by way of my shirt when my arm would move close towards my side. In addition, it induced the hook and loop to sometimes snag my shirts or even the tank prime under the belly band, which would outcome in my shirt bulging. Once I cinched up the circumference by folding and stitching an unused part from the elastic, the Velcro closure was in a position to line up and close as it was designed to. This stitch line can be seen in green in the photo below.

Lessons Learned

Considering that the belly band isn’t a rigid holster and most certainly stretches as it is worn, I’ve recognized that I really need to continue to keep an eye about the stitching and that it doesn’t get overly stretched out. When I was modifying my first belly band (the nude colored one) to tighten it up, I noticed that a few of the stitching in the pistol pocket had come loose. I restitched this to ensure my gun would match securely amongst the elastic layers rather than fall out if I bent more than. That is surely some thing to take note of if you decide on to wear a belly band. There will come a time, in spite of this that the elastic will come to be also worn out to restitch and I’ll should invest in a new a single.

The belly band gives me fairly a bit of versatility (no pun meant) in relation to how I wear it. I can pull it down all over my waist or wear it suitable underneath my bra. I’ve located that I like sporting it increased up merely because it’s less difficult to conceal my gun ideal under my chest.

It is also highly easy to change if I modify clothing or require to switch pursuits. I do not should stress about adjusting the cant of your holster or adding a belt to my outfit to generate this form of concealment perform. I can wear the belly band when I exercise, relax and in addition when I go to deliver the results. It’s extremely pretty versatile for me.

The main downside I’ve discovered though wearing the belly band would be the entire body heat it generates. It’s been excellent for me during the winter months, but now as we move into spring and summertime in Texas I’m curious to discover what transpires. I’m planning to look at wearing tube tops under my belly band rather than full tank tops and see how that functions. I could need to make some undershirts by hand to ensure that there is not a great deal of additional fabric to hold in body heat, but I’m prepared to get that more step because the belly band continues to be this kind of a superb concealed carry possibility for me.

Is the Belly Band for You?

Women that are looking for a concealment option which will be simply worn, without difficulty adjusted, reasonably priced and might be modified in the home, could find the Comfort Fit Belly Band the ideal holster to buy. In my opinion, tracking down light fat, cozy undershirts will help the belly band be even more cozy to wear. Also remember to examine the stitch lines every so often just to be certain that the holster is not dropping its grip.You can fallow us on Facbook


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