Why Everyone Needs a Bellyband for Concealed Carry

Best 5 Best Belly Band Holster – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

If you personal a gun, it is second nature for you to have a container to stow it away from the public eye. Of course, a weapon shouldn’t be brandished all-around for everyone to discover. That’s why concealed carry of the gun has been prevalent.

As a consequence of the necessity, most weapon producers are already creating gun holsters for every variety of gun proprietor to get a long while now. Gun holsters have many sorts, and just about every has their very own gains and will cater any user’s preferences.

In this short article, we will checklist to you the different forms and just how the best belly band holster can one-up them. On top of that, we’ll list the best belly band holsters in the market and give them a short review.

Types of Gun Holsters

It will takethe type of exercise you do most.

If you are a police officer, there’s no level of possessing your weapon concealed unless of course you are undertaking undercover or off-duty. For military men and police officers, belt holsters and shoulder holsters do the job best.


For private citizens, you will discover a wider array of gun holsters offered. We are going to talk about several of them here.

1. Belt holsters

2. Inside-the-waistband holsters or IWB

3. Shoulder holsters

4. Small of back holsters or SOB

5. Thigh holsters

6. Bra holsters

7. Ankle Holster

8. Belly band holsters

Top 5 Best Belly Band Holster 2017

We’ve listed right here the major 5 best belly band holster, see their positive aspects and drawbacks here:

1. ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

Ultimate_Belly_Band_Holster_Nude_Hero_Shot_large This product starts off our listing as a single with the best belly band holsters. To start with items first, this 1 is excellent to your skin and will not induce excessive itchiness because the band material is manufactured of neoprene.

The stretchable holster can fit a user’s belly measurement at a maximum 46 inches; this can be significant ample to fit all sizes.

There is no dilemma of locating out what fits in to the elastic holster which has diverse pocket positions if you are left-handed or right-handed. The holster can cater from subcompact to huge pistols any time.

elastic holster Positioning the main pocket to the gun is no trouble as you can adjust it. It could be at your proper side, your back, and so forth. There may be also a pouch to your spare magazines.

Not only that, but you can install the retention gadget albeit optional. Wearing this holster will not be needlessly noisy with detachable straps because it is fastened with clips.

2. Defender Concealment Belly Band Holster

Defender Concealment Belly Band Holster

This holster is created by Energetic Pro Gear and will be regarded as one in the most common manufacturers in relation to belly band holster. To start with off, the size with the guns that you can match right here is from medium to big.

Two hand orientations promote the holster, so this is not for ambidextrous people today. Nevertheless, you can position the pocket anyplace all around your waist with no issues.

The elastic band material is shown to stick with your skin devoid of creating comfort. It spikes up the conceal ability of one’s gun and Defender is performing a very good occupation.

Nonetheless, if you are sweating an excessive amount of, it truly is encouraged that you wear the holster in excess of an undergarment.

This can be a preferred for most buyers as you possess the choice to purchase more thumb breaks or extra ammunition pockets. In reality, though it may include on the rate, you can carry 1 much more gun with you.

Please note that this holster comes in just one color, which can be black. Defender provides the user reasonably quick draw on the gun. But if you include the optional adjustable Velcro thumb break, know that your draw speed may be decreased just a little.

3. Core-Defender Belly Band Concealment Holster

belly band concealed carry holster

This USA-made belly band holster comes in two colors: black and tan for every gun owner that has a thing with colors. Elite Survival Methods manufactured this holster, and you will quickly find that this holster is amongst the elites also.

This product had ergonomics and concealment deeply believed. Its band materials is made from latex free elastic.

On the subject of the pockets, this 1 features a great deal of them. You can find two principal pockets for that firearms located at your left and correct hip, respectively. The primary one particular is near to your dominant arm and also the other if you wish to get a cross draw place. Then 4 back pockets could be filled with spare magazines and even a flashlight.

The belly band holster is worn with its detachable front positioned in front. Now it’s easy for you to remove and attach the holster every time. Since the pockets are strategically positioned, are aware that this product is for everyone or ambidextrous.

The Core Defender caters users who assortment from smaller to extra-large body frames. As the band material may be as well thin, it can be suggested that you wear undergarment underneath this a single.

Also, putting large handguns could be a bit too tight using the two holsters, so small to medium size pistols are the constrained alternatives. You can fallow us on Facebookpage

4. Second Generation Deep Concealed Crotch Carry Handgun Holster

Second Generation Deep Concealed Crotch Carry Handgun Holster
This holster was produced smartly because it values both conventional and security. The back portion is without a doubt useful for pockets as you can retail outlet spare magazine along with other modest items.

Also, it could be ordered by left-handed or right-handed even though there are actually configurations to the ambidextrous.

The belly band holster is produced of elastic and might be simply fastened up by the detachable Velcro strap. Deep concealed crotch is worn over your decrease undergarment, so it stays far more securely.

5. Vedder 4-way Belly Band Gun? Holster

Final on our checklist is definitely the belly band holster by Vedder. Most belly band holster users with many years of expertise can agree that this four-way belly band gun holster is all about comfort.

Indeed, when you wear it, you feel security and stabilization that your gun is protected with you and won’t drop from its holster.

It had been designed to remain around the hips for added comfort. There’s no restrict as to what gun sizes is applicable for this holster, so little to significant handguns would not be an issue.

The holster is designed for medium waistlines beginning at 33 to 38 inches, so the size is relatively constrained. After you began working with it, it may take some hrs to break it in and make it conform to you.

This holster is proved for being ambidextrous as how the key pocket for guns was designed. On top of that, you can rotate the band holster as you see fit.

Belly Band Holster – Advantages and Disadvantages

Most gun owners can agree that belly band holsters are very practical in concealing the firearm while staying connected towards the owner’s physique.

They can be great for almost any exercise the proprietor may perhaps undergo, for instance, running, hiking, jumping. The holster is designed in which the gun will never ever jostle out as a result of these physical routines.

Gun manufacturers noticed the require for your belly band holsters as they may be worn underneath light clothing for males and women, and if your shoulder or waistband holster isn’t great enough to conceal it.

Not all holsters are great for just about any wardrobe. Consider for example the shoulder holsters. To perform being a concealed carry, the person needs to wear a jacket. But wearing jackets on the scorching summer season is from the question.

Gun owners possess a difficulty with shopping for different holsters to suit the model from the gun they’re working with. But this challenge is negated by a belly band holster as you can insert any size of a handgun into its pockets.

Belly band holsters are without a doubt multipurpose, from storing handguns to further ammunition or flashlight.
Belly-Band-Holster-bIn terms of drawbacks, belly band holsters have a handful of. First is the fact that the band materials isn’t up towards the work of wicking sweat, so if you’re not careful, you can make your gun rust as a result of moisture. If that would be the situation, remember to wipe the sweat off your gun just after a hard exercise.

2nd is that the holster is made from band material and should really normally be tight at the waist location. It might induce men and women discomfort and itchiness particularly is the match will not be suitable.

Others possess a solution of wearing an undershirt and after that the belly band holster but for the duration of scorching days, it’s not great to possess several layers of clothing.

The way to Choose the Best Belly Band Holster?

There are tons of consideration in acquiring the belly band holster, and they’re the following:

1.Fit for your Gun

For most holsters, the holster must be able to accommodate the size in the handgun so it wouldn’t wobble or shift positions when becoming hidden.

Such motion of the handgun as though it’s not fit on the holster could trigger discomfort. Fortunately, you have minimum difficulties by using a belly band holster.

2.Size on the Band

Knowing the size of the waist can be applied on how wide the holster you should really invest in. Sure, some holsters really do not have specific sizes like a match to all but another belly band holsters start at M-XXL.

Each and every suitable holster need to have retention devices in order that the gun can’t be simply snatched away by an individual else. Also, a gun with fantastic retention is a superb assistance when you do taxing bodily routines for example running.

3. Accessibility
Your gun is but a bulky accessory if you cannot pull it when you’re threatened. Needless to say, slow draws won’t have the ability to reduce it. So, what you will need is usually to possess the speed to reach the holster and draw the gun fast. Fortunately, belly band holsters won’t be a problem in this element.

5. Concealability

Holsters are made for secure trying to keep then concealment. If your holster can’t properly conceal your firearm, that 1 isn’t fantastic adequate.

6. Comfort

Your comfort although wearing the holster really should be your priority when deciding upon from a broad choice of belly band holsters readily available. Be cautious from the band material because it may perhaps be manufactured of bad quality and might trigger extreme discomfort due to itchiness and may not final a very long time.

7. Price

Belly band holsters’ rates depend around the brand, material, and objective. You may possibly locate a holster that’s priced low but can serve your demands. It’s not like it is lousy to get high-priced ones, but when you have the spending budget for it, then Okay. Expensive factors equate to their high-quality and are long-lasting.

The way to Wear Belly Band Holster

Elastic will be the material that composes the belly band holster. It truly is, obviously, stretchable and conforms on the entire body when you break it in. Having said that, it has a tendency to stretch in excess of time from day by day use, and you would discover that it doesn’t fit you anymore.

A belly band holster is just worn about your waist connecting the ends with Velcro or metal clips. Also, most holsters have Velcro but some other folks also have metal clips to join each ends on the holster.

There have been instances the metal clips had grow to be loose causing the retention to drop. Velcro strap negates this, however, if you’re striving to modify the holster in a quiet area, the noise by the Velcro could be a giveaway to your place.

As this is a holster specialized in concealing a firearm, certainly, you will will need to wear loose fitting shirts and also other tops, and if you can, leave it untucked.

Don’t fail to remember the mechanism to access your gun from your belly band holster is by lifting off the mid-section part of the shirt initially.


Best Belly Band Holster for Female

Comfort Fit Belly Band for Women: My Go To for Concealment with a Slight DIY Modification

What do you feel of when you hear the words belly and band? Perhaps images of training straps or maternity pants waft through your thoughts, but what I’m literally speaking about is handgun concealment. Most on the many people I’m close to that have a concealed carry allow use Kydex or leather holsters when carrying, so when I started seeking out methods to carry that is naturally what I migrated towards. The 3 rigid holsters that I invested in after a while haven’t worked that properly with my wardrobe, so I believed it might be more affordable to help keep interested in the proper holster solution in place of purchasing a bunch of new outfits. Plus, I did not like to greatly modify the fashion of clothing I like to wear.
For a variety of months, I’ve been wearing a Comfort Fit Belly Band by The Properly Armed Female alternatively of the waist band holster and it is essentially turn out to be my go-to concealment possibility. There are several definite pros and cons in the case of sporting a belly band, but I thought it could possibly be handy to share my practical experience for anyone who could possibly be thinking of one particular.

An Epiphany

When I first began wearing a belly band I couldn’t stand the feeling of lugging a thing close to best up towards my entire body. I’ve attempted to cut back the size of my purse plus the volume of things I tote around with me every day, so the idea of tacking on anything else to my each day wardrobe was initially an irritating considered.


I had an fascinating conversation with Rob at the office 1 day that modified my standpoint, on the other hand. I informed him how unpleasant wearing my gun was and that I wasn’t extremely diggin’ it. Rob told me right, “Carrying is supposed for being comforting not comfy, because they say.”

That poignant statement got my awareness. It produced me get a deeper appear at why I originally wanted to carry and I started functioning harder to make concealed carry function for me. I realize myself well adequate to know if an accessory is irritating then I’ll prevent sporting it inevitably. I desired to discover if your belly band concealed carry solution could turn into a preferred, or if I’d be more effective off which has a rigid holster and altering my wardrobe.


When I 1st started seeking online for the place to buy holsters designed for women I stumbled across a Website known as The Effectively Armed Woman. There were a lot of holster opportunities for me to take into consideration and this Website had written descriptions as well as video demonstrations to assist educate me ahead of acquiring. Other Online websites offered belly bands that have been designed for guys or even more unisex functions. Due to the fact I was looking for a smaller size I wished a belly band manufactured solely for women.

I made a decision to consider the Comfort Fit Belly Band. There were two totally different width alternatives, a 4? plus a five? band. I decided to go to the shorter a single considering that my torso is not very prolonged. There have been pockets sewn in to the belly band for my pistol, also as more magazines. From what I saw it looked like one thing that might function nicely for me. The selling price was $40.99 and came in Nude or Black with sizes ranging from Smaller to 2XL. This form of concealment also didn’t need to be produced to fit my gun, which I liked. I carry a Sig P238, but the belly band will accommodate a wide selection of hand guns.

Putting it to Work

Wearing the belly band was absolutely an adjustment. I located out especially quickly that I needed to wear a tank top beneath the belly band in buy for it to feel comfortable. It is made of elastic that irritates my skin as I move about, but provided that I’ve got an undershirt on I’m excellent to go.

The magazine pockets featured over the belly band had been sewn in a place that wasn’t readily available for me. I wear the band to ensure my pistol is either above my appendix region or right centered in my torso (depending on my outfit) which puts the magazine pockets the many way all-around to the back in the band. If I essential to reload I wouldn’t be capable of access my added magazine quickly with no taking the additional time to turn the belly band 180 degrees. Following breaking in the belly band and realizing that I wanted to keep implementing it, I stitched 1 of the double layers of elastic closed that was located correct beside my pistol enabling a lot easier access to my more magazine. If you look on the photo under, I applied green thread in order that you’d be able to see just where I put my stitch line. The pocket that’s supposedly designed for use as being a magazine pocket will serve me more effective by carrying my i.d. or cash given that they sit to date from attain.
Right after sporting my initially belly band (the nude colored band) for any couple of weeks, it started to stretch out. This is not a large deal except that I had ordered the smallest size accessible. I determined to fold over and stitch down one of the areas of the belly band that wasn’t implemented for holding something important. This presented me with a significantly better match and eradicated an alternative problem I’d been possessing.

Pulling the belly band snug about my torso continually left top part of the Velcro closure (the loop side) hanging past the to choose from hook. This would brush my arm by way of my shirt when my arm would move close towards my side. In addition, it induced the hook and loop to sometimes snag my shirts or even the tank prime under the belly band, which would outcome in my shirt bulging. Once I cinched up the circumference by folding and stitching an unused part from the elastic, the Velcro closure was in a position to line up and close as it was designed to. This stitch line can be seen in green in the photo below.

Lessons Learned

Considering that the belly band isn’t a rigid holster and most certainly stretches as it is worn, I’ve recognized that I really need to continue to keep an eye about the stitching and that it doesn’t get overly stretched out. When I was modifying my first belly band (the nude colored one) to tighten it up, I noticed that a few of the stitching in the pistol pocket had come loose. I restitched this to ensure my gun would match securely amongst the elastic layers rather than fall out if I bent more than. That is surely some thing to take note of if you decide on to wear a belly band. There will come a time, in spite of this that the elastic will come to be also worn out to restitch and I’ll should invest in a new a single.

The belly band gives me fairly a bit of versatility (no pun meant) in relation to how I wear it. I can pull it down all over my waist or wear it suitable underneath my bra. I’ve located that I like sporting it increased up merely because it’s less difficult to conceal my gun ideal under my chest.

It is also highly easy to change if I modify clothing or require to switch pursuits. I do not should stress about adjusting the cant of your holster or adding a belt to my outfit to generate this form of concealment perform. I can wear the belly band when I exercise, relax and in addition when I go to deliver the results. It’s extremely pretty versatile for me.

The main downside I’ve discovered though wearing the belly band would be the entire body heat it generates. It’s been excellent for me during the winter months, but now as we move into spring and summertime in Texas I’m curious to discover what transpires. I’m planning to look at wearing tube tops under my belly band rather than full tank tops and see how that functions. I could need to make some undershirts by hand to ensure that there is not a great deal of additional fabric to hold in body heat, but I’m prepared to get that more step because the belly band continues to be this kind of a superb concealed carry possibility for me.

Is the Belly Band for You?

Women that are looking for a concealment option which will be simply worn, without difficulty adjusted, reasonably priced and might be modified in the home, could find the Comfort Fit Belly Band the ideal holster to buy. In my opinion, tracking down light fat, cozy undershirts will help the belly band be even more cozy to wear. Also remember to examine the stitch lines every so often just to be certain that the holster is not dropping its grip.You can fallow us on Facbook

The Best Belly Holster for Concealed Carry 2017

The Best Belly Holster for Concealed Carry 2017 – TOP5 Holsters Review & Tips

Belly band holsters really are a fantastic alternate to a conventional holster. Your standard holster is generally a belt with a leather pouch created to insert the gun. This carrying strategy makes it challenging to conceal a weapon and can be bulky and hefty given that leather is a considerable material. Nowadays, everyday people from many various walks of life personal and carry guns and also the common gun holster will not job for everyone. The leather belt holster doesn’t more often than not coordinate with your closet and if you need to put on your gun in your entire body, you are constrained to what articles of clothing will match or conceal the Weapon. A belly band or belly holster for concealed carry is definitely a wrap that snugly fits all around a person’s waist and generally employs Velcro to safe the band.


They really are a lot easier to conceal considering the fact that they aren’t as bulky for a standard belly holster for concealed carry. This simple thought of a band for concealed carry is more comfortable and easily adjustable because of its lightweight substance. As it is so discreet, adult males And girls with or without the need of distinctive fashion can match their gun belly holster to each whole body style and outfit folks have, rather then needing to conform on the regular holster and revolving your wardrobe all over what accommodates it.

The Best: Holster by Alpha Brace Review

belly holsters for concealed carry alphaThis CCW belly band is appropriate for best suited or left handed customers, gentlemen or females, and is particularly out there in a few numerous colours: black, white or beige. Another versatility choice is being able to draw your gun at completely different angles dependent on the choice: a cross or diagonal draw, or simply a horizontal or aspect attract by a simple manipulation in the holster band or adjustment up or down torso. It’s produced with patented breathable, light elastic.

Apart from the cosy elastic pocket guaranteeing the gun will not drop out, there may be a strap to double-secure the gun so you won’t be troubled over it slipping out. An additional furthermore is that this ventilated, discreet band is great for lively folks concerned about becoming uncomfortably warm or sweaty. There are two holsters in addition for the gun holster for journals or flashlights, or what ever else. For that price range you shell out, it can be very tough and might potentially previous several a long time. The best component about this is usually that it is constructed here in The united states. What more desirable technique to show how happy you are of The us than shopping for materials crafted best in

this article supporting local work opportunities??belly-holster
A draw back to all elastic tends to be that at some point, it would stretch out. Also, getting a left and best holster, and two magazine holsters may very well be quite a lot for the provider. Some carriers may very well unearth the remaining pistol holster a nuisance and needless. Each one of these pockets might make it tough to be concealed totally, and may also have an affect on the comfortableness belonging to the product. The strap may well also delay gun attract, when you demand quick access.


• Adjustable band

• Can dress in on many different sites on torso (from chest/under the arms to decrease torso)

• Ambidextrous use

• For gentlemen or ladies

• Multiple colours

• Cross or aspect draw

• Adjustable band

• Two gun holster in addition two magazine holsters

• Reasonably priced, long-lasting and constructed in The united states


• Can stretch out

• Left side holster can most likely get in just how for a few many people

• Carrier can put on an excess of to accurately conceal or be relaxed

• Strap could hinder drawing gun Total, this is a multipurpose band and has a lot of space and pockets for on the other hand modest or simply a good deal the carrier really wants to carry for a decent price level, rendering it the best belly band for concealed carry gun holsters around!

The Cheapest: Holster AGPtEK Review

belly holsters for concealed carry agaptekThis belly band by AGPtEK concealed carry holster may be the cheapest available. With the selling price you shell out, it will be useful! It is usually constructed out of a thicker elastic to assist in its durability. It very, can be ambidextrous; you can attract your gun utilizing both your left or precise hand and may in good shape most guns or pistols. The band is built for either cross or side attract and quick removal on the gun with no resistance on the holster. It does also have a pocket to carry two journals, cards, funds, papers, or even a cellphone. It is wonderful for many people exploring to test belly band holsters for that first of all time not having obtaining to spend some huge cash earliest. As it is so fee effective, it is actually easy to incorporate customizations these kinds of to be a Velcro strap for that holster or reinforce the Velcro for your band alone.

the-original-belly-band-holsterAGPtEK designed this holster with “heavy duty” elastic, but this will lower its stretchiness and ensure it is sizzling and awkward simply because of the extra rigid and constricting sensation for users. Also, due to the fact you are paying out an exceedingly low rate for your belly band, the Velcro stitching may well conveniently appear out and will should be both re-sewn or replaced along with a superior quality Velcro. The band also will come in a single size, 30” – 37” all-around, which can not suit consumers with larger sized waists.



• Ambidextrous use

• Heavy obligation elastic

• Will suit most pistols

• Versatile (facet or cross draw)

• Quick attract

• Great for beginners

• Easy to personalize


• Quality

• Hot and stiff/uncomfortable as a result of thicker elastic

• Velcro might need to become re-stitched or replaced

THE MOST COMFY ONE: Holster by ComfortTac Review

belly holsters for concealed carry ultimateThe ultimate belly band holster by ComfortTac is constructed outside of neoprene instead of elastic. Neoprene is what knee and back braces are made from so the materials is more pleasant against the skin and it is imagined to not lose its extend just as much as elastic. The heavier materials also will help balance the burden for the gun improved and supply a more pleasant have on for that carrier. Also as opposed to classic elastic holsters this belly band features a clip as an alternative to Velcro for just a silent attract. It will be a 1 size matches all, but adjusts to 46” waists. Like most elastic bands in the market, this fabric belly band holster is usually used for left or suitable handed people today. What’s more, it comes along with an additional pocket which can be outstanding for your spare pocket knife, a cell phone, or important papers, bucks, or plastic card.


This heavier neoprene product may be sizzling in the summer and because the fabric is not as elastic, it could actually be also restricted for men and women will wider circumferences, regardless that it is actually marketed to develop up to 46” waists. More compact pistols may possibly slide on their own even more into your belly holster for concealed carry, creating quick draw a touch complicated, so just make sure that the gun is protected and won’t shimmy down. Also, the magazine holster/additional pocket can be described as bit giant, doing the publications shift and at risk of falling out.



• Support gun excess weight extra successfully

• One size

• Silent attract

• Ambidextrous use

• Additional pocket


• Hot

• Not elastic enough for larger sized many people

• Suitable for more medium-large sized guns

• Additional pocket is simply too considerable for excess magazines

On the whole, the distinct neoprene belly band by ComfortTac was created for comfort and ease. It’s got common functions furthermore the progressive silent attract metallic clip to exchange loud Velcro, but in the long run it had been produced to generally be the most relaxed and supporting belly band concealed carry gun holster in the marketplace.

THE AVERAGE OF JACKS: Holster by Yosoo

belly holsters for concealed carry tacticalThe concealment belly band holster by Yosoo is really an elastic gun holster 1 mm thick, which stays shut towards your whole body, nevertheless is versatile a sufficient amount of and allows for easy respiratory by conforming to each inhale and exale. It’s relaxed a sufficient amount of to have on without having a shirt beneath it although some may perhaps prefer to put on an undershirt. It suits most guns and most waists, and like most belly bands, has ambidextrous use and two magazine holders. In addition, it has a few Velcro strips for band adjustment and for a restricted bond. A particular feature which makes this belly band gun holster specific is its mystery pocket handy for placing a cell phone, paper, funds, or cards in Even though the Yosoo belly band suits MOST guns, it does have some trouble carrying full size guns. This belly band concealed carry holster can also be only done in a person size, so it does not healthy all, notably not folks with larger waists. Also, the gun holster doesn’t have a strap, therefore the gun can slide out when bending down or sitting. The 3 strip Velcro might support with precise adjustment along with a safe lock, but the large strip of Velcro is stiff and might be uncomfortable when worn over a curved portion of the body just like someone’s hips or belly; it lays best and it is most secure if the strap is in alignment considering the back.


• 1 mm thick material/light

• Comfortable

• Not restrictive to breathing/stays snug

• Fits most guns

• Fits most waists

• Ambidextrous use

• Extra magazine holsters

• Strong Velcro

• Cell phone/miscellaneous pocket


• Does not carry bigger guns properly

• Not breathable/gets sizzling

• Very extensive band can bunch or roll quickly

• Mag holsters are slim

• No strap to safe gun

• Wide Velcro is rigid and awkward on a number of body placements

General, the Yosoo concealment belly band concealment holster is designed to target a sizable audience which has a 1 solution elastic gun holster. It will work and has a number of features, but nothing extremely exceptional to create it an exceptional product. It really is made for your masses; a generic belly band that can serve MOST with the standard requires of a carrier. Then again, it is not specialized, nevertheless it will get the job done for what most many people will use it for.

THE SAFEST: Holster by Daltech Force Review

belly holsters for concealed carry safecaryThe Safestcarry Belly Band Holster by Daltech Force is outstanding for those who like to carry a concealed weapon despite the fact that executing pursuits for example doing exercises, bending over regularly, jogging, or anything exactly where you will likely be twisting and turning a whole lot. It is actually produced out of a Military grade elastic which can be especially thin, nonetheless sturdy. It keeps the gun in place with Velcro retaining straps, but they can quite easily tuck inside the holster if you want easier access or are usually not gonna be in a problem the place it could fall or slip out.The band itself has more security features so that the hook and loop Velcro straps preserving the band around your torso isn’t going to accidentally come undone. There exists a lifetime warranty offered by Daltech Force in the event the stitching through the Velcro or any part of the band becomes worn or undone. There may be an additional magazine pouch and it as well has the Velcro hook and loop straps to ensure it does not slide out unintentionally. When the band is on, you can quickly maneuver it to draw a gun ambidextrously at the same time. This product can also be proudly made in America!

deep-conceal-holster-reviewOne particular compromise carriers need to be conscious about it the belly band concealed carry gun holster is specialized for any pretty safe and snug gun fit, so it will not be able to match more substantial guns and the carrier loses that freedom of the belly band that may carry any size gun. One more downside is the fact that the band can rub against the bare skin, especially on the edges or where Velcro is exposed; a prevalent challenge with elastic belly bands. This can quite easily be remedied with belly band liners or wearing a thin t-shirt between the belly band along with your skin. Then, 1 minor detail is the fact that there’s only one magazine pouch, the place many other belly bands deliver two.


• Most safe for energetic individuals

• Adjustable hook and loop and Velcro/(optional)Velcro retaining straps

• Thin but study (Military grade) elastic

• Full magazine

• Lifetime Warranty on stitching

• Ambidextrous draw

• Made in America


• Fits only smaller to medium guns

• Uncomfortable towards bare skin

• Only 1 magazine pouch

Overall, the Safestcarry by Daltech is the band using the most security features on it to make sure your gun and magazine won’t be coming out without any your permission. The irritation from any part of the band are usually simply fixed by wearing it outside a t-shirt, or obtaining liners for it individually. A smaller sized gun holster and single magazine pouch makes concealment less complicated, even if sporting tight or tucked in clothing as a result of there exists just significantly less beneath your garments to print. This in addition to its extra straps and Velcro, there isn’t a likelihood virtually anyone might be in a position to see the gun or mag outline through your garments or see it accidentally slipping or falling out. Safestcarry is genuinely the safest and snuggest belly band to carry a weapon.

Clearing Conclusion Confusion

Belly Bands are a good way to conceal weapons. They are commonly made from breathable elastic, formfitting to your user’s physique, and light and seamless, which makes it significantly more of the beneficial extension, instead of a heavy, bulky eyesore such as the classic leather holsters which are pretty clear and burdensome. They are really incredibly versatile and will be worn several strategies, giving the carrier freedom if they choose drawing their gun from their left, appropriate, middle, back or below the arms. They may be a great choice for ladies since they is often adjusted to their smaller waists and gals can have the freedom to put on basically anything at all without having the gun or pistol staying obvious. The elastic helps make for any a great deal more relaxed working experience, making sporting concealed weapons an easy a part of your regimen for day-to-day wear, and active life designs. 1 challenge of elastic belly band gun holsters can be discovering the stability between locating a band that may be Snug, but not restrictive or excessively tight. They are going to stretch out inevitably, but that may be anticipated having a materials like elastic. Some are comfy enough to put on next to bare skin, but there is liners available to act like a barrier involving the at times irritable materials and delicate skin. A different inexpensive remedy to skin rubbing is that a lot of people generally wear t-shirts or tank tops underneath their belly band with one more outer shirt above it. You can get a various selection of belly bands out there to choose from to assist you be at ease, carry what you want, and feel secure without any people figuring out you are carrying a gun!

Conclusion for best belly band concealed weapon

The best in the market is hands down the AlphaHolster Belly Gun Holster for concealed carry. It could possibly be worn by the two guys or ladies and comes in a number of colors to select from whereas most other bands only come in black. Not like most other elastic belly bands, not only can you reposition to your preferred gun draw, but you can also reposition the angle within the draw to both side or cross draw. The gun pocket features a strap to safe the gun in place, and has two magazine holsters which might be repurposed to hold other items too. This large quality product is manufactured in America and has a great deal of storage for the gun and no matter what else you will probably might need to carry and you can rely that its risk-free.

Conclusion for cheapest belly band concealed weapon

The AGPtEK adjustable belly band gun holster is really a good quality for that price you shell out. You get each of the identical features that all elastic bands feature: the skill to conceal a gun or pistol, magazine pouches, ambidextrous use, made for the two guys or gals, and adjustable band length. This can be a good starter elastic holster for carriers who desire to try concealing their weapons without having to invest a large amount of cash in something which may perhaps they might or might not like. Then, if it operates for you, you can very easily add your personal customizations or improve your band to 1 that suits your desires alot more.

All in all, go out there and look at out best belly holsters for concealed carry! One can find countless options out there to suit the wants of everyone who carries guns!

Best Belly Band Gun Holster Reviews for 2017

What You should know About Holsters

Firearm holsters come in many shapes, materials, levels of retention and sizes. Thier are three basic holster categories duty holsters, concealment and sporting type. The type of holster used depends on the varying circumstances in which they are used.

Uniformed security and police officers who carry their guns openly generally use what is called a retention holster. These type of holsters incorporate a level or levels of retention. Straps or flaps that hold the firearm in place and prevent the officer from being disarmed are most common. Duty holsters are available with varying levels of retention (i.e. Level I, Level II, Level III). A higher level of retention makes it more difficult for someone to remove the firearm from your holster.


Concealment holster are made to be easily worn out of sight. They are generally compact, lightweight and designed to be worn under clothing. The belt and paddle holster are among the most common concealment holster. Other concealment holster options include the shoulder holster, ankle holster, belly band, fanny pack, pocket holster and many variations of each.

Shoulder Holsters

Shoulder holsters generally consist of two straps connected in a manner similar to a backpack with the actual holster mounted to a strap on the right or the left side. The holster is usually mounted under the arm of your weak hand and your ammo carrier and/or handcuffs on the opposite side of the holster. To draw your weapon you need to reach across the front of your body with your strong hand. Shoulder holsters are generally constructed of leather or nylon type material. Some manufacturers of shoulder holsters include Galco, Safariland, Blackhawk, Gould & Goodrich, Fobus and Uncle Mike’s.

Glorified in movies and on television, the shoulder holster is still a useful special purpose concealment rig. There are some people who routinely carry a shoulder holster and for whom the shoulder holster makes the most sense for. There are many more for whom, in certain times and places and under certain conditions, the shoulder holster is a special purpose item.best-belly-band-gun-holster

The shoulder holster offers a number of specialized advantages including not having to wear a belt, firearm can be drawn in a quick and inconspicuous manner and it takes the weapons weight off of your hip. The shoulder holster is also practical if your assignment requires you to be in a seated position. Started from a seated position, it can be difficult to draw your weapon out of a standard belt holster, particularly if you’re strapped in place by safety belts. This is why so many police, military pilots and bodyguards use shoulder holsters while on duty.

Ankle Holsters

Ankle holsters can be awkward to wear and feel combursome at times. Having that extra weight on one leg can take some getting used to. They are generally used with a small calibur weapon and worn on the inside leg of your weak side. Like the shoulder rig the ankle holster has its own specialized purposes and offers its own advantages like not having to wear a belt and taking weight off your hip.

Ankle holsters come in several different materials including leather, nylon and molded plastic. A calf strap is sometimes an option. The calf strap helps to stabalize the holster on your leg. A few well known ankle holster manufacturers are Fobus, Galco, Bianchi, Gould & Goodrich and Safariland.

The ankle holster is sometimes utlized by law enforcement officers for a back up weapon while on duty. While off duty the ankle holster serves its purpose as being a highly concealable holster for their firearm. Ankle holsters are great for those hot summer days when you just want to wear a t-shirt or choose to tuck your shirt in.

Belt and Paddle Concealment Holsters

Concealment belt holsters come in a variety of shapes and size. The most poplular is what is often referred to as the pancake holster. The pancake holster is attached to your belt with loops in the back of the holster. It is generally carried on the hip of your strong side and features a thumb retention strap. This is probabley the safest way to carry your gun. Many law enforcement agencies require officers to carry their weapon this way while off duty.


Another type of concealment belt holster is the small-of-the-back holster. this holster is also attached to your belt using loops in the holster, but it is designed to be worn on the rear of your belt. The holster is well concealed in the small of your back. The disadvatage of this holster is that sitting can be uncomfortable.

Cross draw holster belt holsters offer another, yet less common concealment option. They are worn on your weak side. You need to reach across your body with your strong hand to draw your weapon. The disadvantage of this is that when drawing your firearm you are potentially putting many people in your line of fire.

Paddle holsters generally look the same and feature the same options as concealment belt holsters. The difference is that paddle holsters do not attach to your belt. Rather they use a paddle on the back of the holster which you slide between your body and your pants. Paddle holsters are easy to put on and off because you do not need to remove your belt. The main disadvantage is that they are less secure being that they are not attached to your belt with a loop system. Some paddles holsters feature a locking mechanism on the paddle which grabs the under side of your belt. This is a little safer but still not as secure as a pancake style belt holster.

zDuty Holsters

Duty holsters are generally used by uniformed personnel such as police officers, security guards and soldiers. A duty holster is worn openly on a specially designed gun belt sometimes referred to as a Sam Brown belt. Duty holsters are sometimes worn on the thigh of the leg. This type of duty holster is known as a tactical holster. Tactical duty holsters are common among military personnel and police SWAT officers. It is common for Military personnel to use MOLLE compatible holsters. MOLLE is an acronym for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. This method of attachment has become somewhat of a standard for all quality modular military gear. Duty holsters are available in a variety of finishes including leather and nylon.


Since the duty holster is worn openly, weapon retention is a critical factor. Duty holsters are available in different retention levels. (level I, level II, level II, level IIII) Retention levels are security features involved in protecting your firearm from being taken out of your duty holster. The higher the level of retention, the more secure your gun will be. The down side to security retention features is that they reduce the speed at which you can draw your gun. An example of a retention level would be a strap which holds the firearm in place and requires you to disengage it before you can draw your weapon. Many examples can be found at CopsPlus or Galls.

How to Choose the right Gun Holster

The perfect gun holster is made for your gun. The majority of generic holsters use a one-fits-many method. These generic holsters will not hold your gun securely, and feel uncomfortable.

1. The holster you use should fit your gun tight enough to hold it without relying on straps or tension screws.

2. It should always cover your trigger guard.

3. When you remove your gun from the holster it should stay open, and you should be able to re-holster your gun using one hand.

4. Your Holsters’ belt loops or slots have to match your belt. This way your gun stays firmly in place, feels comfortable, and allows for quick drawing.

Outside The Waistband Holsters are very comfortable to wear for a long time, and are easy to draw from. To conceal this type of gun holster, you need a jacket or a shirt worn outside the pants.

Inside The Waistband Holsters Are not the most comfortable to wear, but you can easily conceal even a full sized gun.

Shoulder Holsters: If you use a shoulder holster, pay close attention to how the gun is positioned within the holster as well as to how the weight is distributed. Shoulder holsters are great to wear under a suit jacket, and also for outdoor use. They provide easy access and are very comfortable. (For those who hunt with large caliber revolvers, concealment is no issue.)

Belly Bands: Belly bands are extremely comfortable, hide even full sized guns, but do not provide the easiest access.

Ankle Holsters should only be used and relied upon as a back-up option. An ankle holster is very hard to reach quickly, and ankle holsters are not always the most secure.

Keep the above points in mind. This guidance will help you in choosing the right gun holster.

Belly Band Holsters for Concealed Carry

I’ve often found myself in many situations where I’ve wanted to carry a concealed handgun, but wanted to wear lighter clothing than would normally conceal a defensive firearm. Usually this meant a dress shirt with no covering sport coat. For my body shape I’ve found tuckable inside the waistband holsters left too much of a bulge under the shirt. The classic belly-band was no better. Then I discovered the Belly Band Holster. While not perfect for absolutely every possible carry situation, I give their various models an A for comfort, design and versatility.

What I liked:

• Can be worn under a comfortable shirt or blouse with no added cover layers.

• Accommodates more than one specific gun with easy pin adjustments.

• Includes an adjustable shoulder strap to help support the weight of your handgun.

• Comfortable in all but the hottest climates.

What I didn’t like:

• Difficult to reholster a drawn gun without taking the shirt off.

• Can feel restrictive if worn too tightly.

• Relatively slow draw maneuver.

• Heavy guns can cause to holster to shift on your torso.

Initially, I bought the Standard model in white and was quite comfortable with it from day one. The only thing I wished it had was a retention strap, though I found it wasn’t mandatory. After several months of using this model I decided I wanted a black one to wear over the black T-shirts I normally wear in the winter months. I ordered this second one from their Air Marshal line and noted it came with the retention strap I’d considered. Again, I’ve found it to be comfortable and reliable from the start: no chafing; no bulkiness; positive/secure retention; relatively easy access with practice. And when needed, they can be washed by hand quite easily.

While I still do wear a coat or jacket over the dress shirt in many instances just because of our Midwestern weather I really like these holsters because I can take that top layer off when I go into a building where the top cover may be too warm. I can’t do that with my favorite belt- or shoulder holster systems. If one wears a dark colored or patterned shirt/blouse the minimal printing of the gun through the material is very nearly invisible. While these holsters work best with sub-compact handguns, they can be used to carry full-sized 1911s and the like. Pins will have to be adjusted and straps tightened to prevent unwanted shifting, but it can be done. For me they work perfectly with my J-framed Smith or my Glock 36. The holster comes with two large safety pins for fine tuning your holster to your gun, but I’ve added one or two more to adjust the length of the retention strap (too long for one gun, but just right for the other) or the angle a particular gun is carried at. They also have what they call a sacrificial seam that can be cut to make room if needed. I haven’t needed to do that, but it’s there if I ever do. After more than 30 years of legal concealed carry I’ve found these to be some of the most versatile holsters I’ve ever owned.For more info visit here http://bestbellybandholster.com